Recent Hightlights

  • Tue Oct. 03
    Bye Week Blues

    YUMA, Ariz. – You can only play the teams in front of you, and the polls and rankings will have to sort themselves out.

  • Tue Sep. 26
    Sitting Second

    YUMA, Ariz. – Coming off a 55-22 beatdown of Eastern Arizona, the Arizona Western football team held onto the second spot in the latest NJCAA poll.

  • Tue Sep. 26
    Big Play Bell

    YUMA, Ariz. – Which stat is more impressive: 10 carries for 196 yards, four touchdowns or that all of the above was in the first half?

  • Sun Sep. 24

    YUMA, Ariz. – After sluggish starts for the first two games of the season, the Arizona Western football team rocketed out of the gate in its home opener on Saturday night.

  • Tue Sep. 19
    Slide To Two

    YUMA, Ariz. – Rankings always have a big element of “What have you done for me lately?” For the Arizona Western football team, the answer to that was a bye week and a drop to number two in the NJCAA poll released earlier today.

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